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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 6, 2014 1:00pm-1:11pm JST

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will cheer up its visitors. ♪ ♪ you're watch, nhk world's "newsline." i'm kanako sachno. japan's prime minister is traveling to three countries, knew zealand, australia, and new guinea. shinzo abe will seek to strengthen security and economic issues with the country's leaders. abe is scheduled to neat on tuesday with australian prime minister tony abbott. the two leaders plan to sign an economic partnership agreement and a deal to develop defense equipment. >> translator: the two countries
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share universal values and a strategic interest. i hope to develop a special relationship that contributes to regional peace, stability, and prosperity. >> abe indicated that he will explain japan's new security policy to the region's leaders. it will allow japan to use its right to collective self-defense. palestinians are expressing outrage over news detailing how a kidnapped teenager died. media reports say the results of an autopsy suggest that the boy was burned alive. reports quote a senior justice official with the palestinian authority. he said the autopsy suggests the 16-year-old boy was alive when someone set him on fire. the boy was kidnapped and killed on wednesday in israeli-controlled east jerusalem. palestinians suspect it was an act of revenge for last month's murders of three israeli teenagers. a video posted online is fueling
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people's anger further. it shows israeli security officers beating a 15-year-old boy. the boy does not resist as the officers attack him. the video said to have been shot in east jerusalem, one day after the murder. the boy is believed to be a cousin of the palestinian teen who was murdered. israeli authorities reportedly arrested the boy, a u.s. citizen of palestinian descent. sunni militants have posted a video on the sbesht of the man they say is their leader. the militants have seized land in syria and iraq. last week, they named abu baghdadi ruler of the islamic state. the video released on saturday shows al baghdadi delivering a sermon. sunni militants have given him the title of caliph. u.s. government officials have put him on their wanted list in alleged involvement in a number of militant attacks. the footage was reportedly shot in a mosque at the city of mosul
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in northern iraq. it shows al baghdadi ordering muslims everywhere to obey him as their new leader. media reports have said al baghdadi may have been injured when iraq we forces staged an air raid near the border with syria. some security experts suspect the man in the video is an imposter. a taliban fighter have set fire to hundreds of fuel tankers outside kabul. afghanistan's capital. the group said in a statement that fighters targeted the trucks because they belonged to nato forces. people reported hearing a series of explosions on friday night, then one after another, trucks in a parking lot caught on fire. firefighters were finally able to put out the flames the following day. taliban militants have staged several attacks on international forces. all nato combat troops are scheduled to leave afghanistan by the end of this year. ukrainian leaders say government troops have taken
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control of a strategic eastern city. they say ukrainian forces have ejected militants from slavyansk, a former separatist strong hold. ukrainian officials said government troops moved in after intensifying their offensive against the separatists. once ukraine's military gained control, president poroshenko ordered the nation's flag raised over the administrative headquarters. separatist leaders confirmed that their fighters have withdrawn from the city. poroshenko had declared a cea cease-fire in the region last month as part of a peace plan but decided to end the truce at the end of the month and ordered military leaders to resume their offensive against the separatists. pro-russian militants say they have not been defeated and will continue fighting in the other parts of the country. ukrainian officials say there's still sporadic fighting in slavyansk and neighboring areas.
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time now for the latest results from the world cup soccer tournament in brazil. leonel messi led argentina against belgium in the two remaining spots in the semifinals. put argentina on the board eight minutes into the first half. his foot found contact with the deflected ball and swept it into the corner of the net. belgium goalkeeper had no time to react. argentina pursued its second goal. messi found himself one-on-one with the goalie but couldn't get around him. the second half stretched deep into injury time then belgium had a last-minute chance to equalize but couldn't find the net.
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argentina held on for a 1-nil victory and a berth in the semifinals. belgi belgium's run at the world cup is now over. and a fight for the last spot in the semifinals came down between a contest between the powerful netherlands and surprise performer costa rica. the netherlands launched wave after wave of attack on costa rica's goalkeeper but a robust defense kept them from scoring. the game was stuck at nil-nil after 90 minutes of play. costa rica had a chance to attack in the second half of extra time, but the forward's shot was denied. neither side could clinch a win and the game came down to a penalty shootout. dutch goalie turned away two shots. he was substituted right before the end of extra time. the netherlands finally won, 4-3, on penalties. brazilian soccer star neymar
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says the world cup may be over for him but his dream hasn't ended. the striker was injured on friday in a quarterfinal match against colombia. he suffered a fractured vertebra and had to pull out of the tourname tournament. the next day officials with the brazilian football confederation posted a videotaped statement on their website. >> neymar said he'll return as soon as possible. he said he could make a comeback earlier than expected. the four teams that will go head to head in the semifinals are now set. those matches will take place in the cities of horozonte and sao palo. five time world champion brazil faces germany on tuesday. the germans are through to the semifinals for the fourth time
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in a row. on wednesday, argentina will make its first appearance in the semifinals since the 1990 world cup in italy. they'll face the netherlands. the dutch have reached the final three times including the last world cup in south africa. now here's your three day world weather forecast.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline." we'll be back with more news at the top of the hour.
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i'm kanako sachno in tokyo. thanks very much for joining us.


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